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LUKA$' self-produced, debut album boasts a vibrant, new Pop genre and encapsulates a rich time period from the nineteen year old artist. Exciting EDM and Pop blend perfectly in "It Gets Better", while on the other side of the spectrum, Funk meets Hip-Hop in "Real Loud", and "SATISFACTION (feat. rothworld)".


released November 22, 2016

All tracks are produced entirely by Luke Wieten, with the exceptions of tracks 8, 10 ,& 12.

All tracks are mixed and mastered entirely by Luke Wieten.

All tracks are performed by Luke Wieten, with the exceptions of tracks 6, 7, & 10.




LUKA$ California

19 Year Old, self-producing, pop artist, LUKA$ (Luke Wieten) mixes today's most popular genres together to create his signature sound.

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Track Name: P.O.M
Track Name: Lost
(Verse 1)

You got me to do it, and I don't wanna rely
But you're digging me deeper, i think i have to re- lie
You're mean on the surface, and even meaner inside
I want to break up but I can't 'cause you're holding me tied

The road is the place where I can break free
The trust that I had is lost between you and me
I'll break out when your eyes on the road
And I'll be the chairman of silver and gold

I am the conscience mind of my own
You take your business, I'm minding my own
I might be crazy but between you and I
She was the one who made out with that guy

(Verse 2)

I got a funny feeling deep inside
that this song conceptualize
music industry and all its means
Riding limousines in magazines
I do it, no reason
I do it, all season
Trapped words in my mind that I never said
Trapped songs in my life coming from my head
It's real
The scary thoughts that I have every night
Aren't thoughts at all, they're real life
A real fright
A real sight
I'm not depressed just lost
So deep in mind with these thoughts
I'm drowning in a way
So drag me towards the bay
The hometown
Never really something I doubted
Up until now
I dont know where I belong

Life's not bad when you're living at the top
Lookin' down at all the things you wanna cop
I went through struggles, hell and back
Just to get this mind of mine to stop
It's easy you say
To not go crazy
elementary really
But people get let down
When my mind isn't what they wanna see
ya know?
All these people and places
Material faces
Got me oh so mad confused
Obvlivious races
My mind a matrix
you can see why I'm confused
Track Name: Backbone
(Verse 1)

Facedown in the backroom
Throw up 'cause you had to
Come outside for this one tune
It's the bass and the hooks that grab you

Just breathe for a minute
Take a chill pill and steeze for a minute
Taking up tolls and fees for a living
Calm down take a seat with the women

The night just started
But you feel so gnarly
So you pick yourself up off the bathroom floor
You want to drink some more


Feel so bad but you know it's lit
Who gives a shit?
Weird ass stains up on your fit
Who gives a shit?

Hands up hands up
Everybody now let me see your hands up
Ass up ass up
Everybody now let me see your ass up

Put on a show
And shake it all off
Like you (x3)
Got no fucking backbone
Track Name: All Night
(Verse 1)

Hop right out of bed
Watch out for my head
My knees are feeling weak
Gotta get more fucking sleep

Up till 4:30 in the morning
Down with some bitches they were horny
Man my pickup line was so corny
But in the end does it really matter?
I don't think it matters in the grand scheme of things, 'cause I'm still strutin' 'round like I got a summer fling, all my homies know whats up when I tell them how it be 'cause I underestimate the power of technology


All the people in the club tonight
And everyone afraid of love tonight, well get up
Everybody rollin' drugs tonight
Or even of you're just buzzed tonight

Well, I know that time's a motherfucker when you're tryna live a life, but all these bitches want to stay all night

(Verse 2)

Pack myself a bowl
This is getting old
I think I want to quit
'Cause I'm tired of this shit

Hearing people knocking on the door
Spilt a fucking gram on the floor
"Who is it? wait no check who it is"

I don't want to fucking have a criminal record when people telling and telling for me to chill like whatever, like man out of jail and home I think I'd take the latter. Am I just crazy or what?


Synonyms are sitting in the front room of my mental
Running 'round familiar areas like I'm working at the treadmill
Added too much fucking bass so let me even out the treble
I got hella people asking how to get up on my level

Man the secret isn't drinking or smoking a lil'
And the happy aftermath is the product of evil
I'm the product of evil, You're the product of evil
So if we're both similar products shouldn't we be treated equal?

I don't know the fucking regulations of the world
'cause if I was fucking president there's be no fucking world
I'd rearrange the portions so that I'd have all the girls
And I'm changing up my hair so that I'd have all the curls

People watching people watching things waiting to happen
So instead of waiting, why don't you take things into action?
Man I don't fucking know, I don't fucking know
So imma end it right now, and walk right out the door
Track Name: Real Loud

Motherfucker wanna talk?
Well imma talk right now
Imma give it to you right now. Right now. Real loud
I think he wanna talk,
Do you wanna talk?
I do it for the east
Makin love to these beats
So I preach to the priest
And I eat a fucking feast

(Verse 1)

Hit me on my line if you're tryna come thru
If you bring some chicas then you know what imma finna do
Drank, you know we got you covered
Got plenty of shit 'cause I stole it from my mother

We got jack on the table
Next to jack in the box
I'm tryna change the song
So pass me the aux

There's uber drivers driving triple digits down the street
I got three plus girls all standing on my feet
Dont your feet hurt? you ask
You don't worry 'bout the pain when you're lookin' at that ass

If you're talkin' 'bout the music, man that's my fucking jam
What do you know about the 80's, fam?
And now I'm squaring with a fool, 'cause he bein a tool
And I'm not trying to get the cops called on me

(Verse 2)

I see what you been doing and I don't want any piece of it, so learn from the mistakes and make a decent reason for it, don't be stupid, or so dumb, that I have to get a hold of your dang momma through a phone call

I got a handle in one
With a 40 in the other
There's about 10 left
I think they're all in the cubbard

No prescription required, for what we 'bout to do
'Bout to burn this little house down, with my fucking crew
If you dont fuck with it, well I guess thats your problem
Don't come crying to me when u cant find ur condom

Every single day, a new problem for me
And this time its you
Everything's personal
Track Name: PCH (feat. BUSE)
(Verse 1) [BUSE]

I woke up early from a dream about you baby
And I've been feeling kind of down about it lately
And for a minute I was dying on the pavement
But I know you're gonna come around and save me

You're the only one I want
You're the only one I need
Got in the car, turned the key and hit the highway
That's all I need, and then I know I'll have a good day

"Start today"

(Chorus) [BUSE & LUKA$]

I'm driving down PCH
I'm loving you everyday
Come on now

You're the only one I want
You're the only one I need

I'm driving down PCH

(Verse 2) [LUKA$]

Let me tell you something 'bout the place I stay
It got 40 million yelp reviews saying that it's great
Talkin' tall boys and tacos and chilling in the sand
And the only way to end the day is blazing with the fam

Sayin' west coast, west coast, better than the rest coast
Aint no other place I'd be spending all my checks for
Driving down the 405 and cruisin' to the next road
Pulling down the top and fucking turning up the radio

You're the only one I need
Blonde sand and blue waves, a signature beach
I'm rocking low tops, and long shirts, and ripped up jeans
Feels like 85 but we keep 100 degrees, got my triple layer clothing and I wake up in the morning and I

"Start today"

(Outro) [BUSE & LUKA$]

You're my girl
And I love you
Every day
Track Name: SATISFACTION (feat. rothworld)
(Verse 1)

Controlled by desire
Restrained by this fear
Living a liar
Designed thru self-inflicted tears

"Dont be so pretentious,
After even every sentence,
'cause you want to make a presence
Doesn't mean you have to mention
Your intentions are so senseless,
Attention span horrendous
Anti-depressants fence his
Broken common sense,
His lyrics are just guesses,
Aptitude of his life is
Just intensive
To make shit music"

But at least i'm making it
And I think of it this way
I write the pain on this paper
To make it go away

You think i'm fine
'Cause you see me from the surface
But if you looked a little closer
You'd realize how worthless

I seem to the others around me
I try to be someone that people don't see as me
But I guess it doesn't work, and I come off as a jerk
So I lay down, face first, just like an introvert

I don't cope with my problems
I rhyme when I'm sad
So I'd live in my dreams
They're the best I've ever had

But I didn't 'cause you tend to linger in my mind
Petrified by the way this all turned out
So I sit still and count the days left
This is why i'm such mess


No rules but you hear what they say
Pay attention to all the pain
'Cause i'm left outside in the rain
And I can't get my mind from your face
Brings me back to the carefree days
Of good times. Only just play
And I cant get my
Satisfaction (x7)
Yeah yeah
Satisfaction (x7)
Yeah yeah

(Piano solo) [rothworld]
Track Name: Serotonin
Track Name: It Gets Better

When your body was so alone
You needed a hold on somebody
Now you're tired and cold oh no
You want me to cure the heart ache

(Verse 1)

I went to the park yeah to try to relieve
The pain that you brought upon me
But only a darkness had burst through the light
That, you flashed and had hurled upon me

It Gets Better (x3)
It Gets (x2)

(Verse 2)

A year and a half you thought I would last
But, your memories' still inside me
So I locked myself up in a room where I sat
And parted my mind from body

Free from the pain and free of the burden
My soul then collectively meted
When I look at the stars at night I wonder
If the pain was all that I needed.

It Gets Better (x3)
It Gets (x2)


For the pain
To the scars
You know, where you are
From the pills
Deep inside
"Go, well you know what you want"
Track Name: Just Friends (feat. BUSE)
(Verse 1) [LUKA$]

Tall gimick got me off right
Words had me up like all night
Without you time moves so slow
But I'm moving so fast

Ya boy don't love you
He thinks he's above you
Don't want to see you walk alone
But if it's cold outside you'll have my hand to hold

Fakes it 'cause he don't care
All he cares about is his hair
Stressed out stressed out
no doubt no doubt

I want to see you slide to the right
Then to the left
Do you play baseball?
'Cause you need to catch my breath

(Pre-Chorus) [BUSE]

You think he's deeper now
But he's so shallow
You think it's heating up
But it's so cold

(Chorus) [BUSE]

I'll take your girl out for the weekend
Ain't nothing serious, we just friends
But when I get her into my bed
She on me, she on me, she on me

(Verse 2) [LUKA$]

When it feels so right
It has to be wrong
We're up all night
That's why I wrote this song

Every single day she wants a good time
Want to treat her right but she's not mine
Just held down, with my hands tied
Just free me and she'll be fine

She'll be fine, with me
Show her off to everybody and they'll see
She was meant to be
With me

I wanna see you slide to the left
Then to the right
We spent all day with each other
So we should spend the night
Track Name: 11
Track Name: One Of A Kind
(Verse 1)

You tried to rip my little heart out
Now I know when you're coming around
So I keep my nose down and I don't make a sound 'cause I hate it when you smell so loud

You're sick of me
But you show it through him
Why does this have to be?
Why cant this just end?

But the answer is too far fetched
Complicated and just a mess
I dont know what to feel
And im not made of steel


I think of you when I'm on vacation
Tell me that I'm worth your patience
You got a new friend, but he's faceless
Just a part of the same rotation

You're one of a kind
And you're so out of line
But you know how to make me want you
And I'm sorry but my heart doesn't want to

(Verse 2)

You hurt me nonetheless
And you stranded me like the rest
Your skin, your hips, they move
So boldly, oh.

As I'm sitting here thinking this through
I realize I meant nothing to you
'Cause if I did, you'd give me a smile
And let me hold you all the while

But I wasn't, the only boy u had pinned
You went to him, again and again.
Again and again
Oh but

And the memories fade (x16)
Track Name: Float Away
(Verse 1)

Ever since you told me that you're leaving
What do I do when you're gone?
You forgot your charger
I cant call you on your phone

It's been a little while
But even time can't tell the difference when we've argued for so long


I've waited so long to hear whats going on
And now you're just making fun of me
I think you're too far to make it work out
So let me just float away

(Verse 2)

Did I even care?
Was I even there
Was I the one to break us all apart?
Can love not be repaired?

With you by my side
All my fears had dissapeared
And all my friends turned into peers
While all my boos turned into cheers

But now that you're gone
I looked back at all the things I wrote
And thought that it was you
But it was really me who fucked it up