All Night

from by LUKA$



(Verse 1)

Hop right out of bed
Watch out for my head
My knees are feeling weak
Gotta get more fucking sleep

Up till 4:30 in the morning
Down with some bitches they were horny
Man my pickup line was so corny
But in the end does it really matter?
I don't think it matters in the grand scheme of things, 'cause I'm still strutin' 'round like I got a summer fling, all my homies know whats up when I tell them how it be 'cause I underestimate the power of technology


All the people in the club tonight
And everyone afraid of love tonight, well get up
Everybody rollin' drugs tonight
Or even of you're just buzzed tonight

Well, I know that time's a motherfucker when you're tryna live a life, but all these bitches want to stay all night

(Verse 2)

Pack myself a bowl
This is getting old
I think I want to quit
'Cause I'm tired of this shit

Hearing people knocking on the door
Spilt a fucking gram on the floor
"Who is it? wait no check who it is"

I don't want to fucking have a criminal record when people telling and telling for me to chill like whatever, like man out of jail and home I think I'd take the latter. Am I just crazy or what?


Synonyms are sitting in the front room of my mental
Running 'round familiar areas like I'm working at the treadmill
Added too much fucking bass so let me even out the treble
I got hella people asking how to get up on my level

Man the secret isn't drinking or smoking a lil'
And the happy aftermath is the product of evil
I'm the product of evil, You're the product of evil
So if we're both similar products shouldn't we be treated equal?

I don't know the fucking regulations of the world
'cause if I was fucking president there's be no fucking world
I'd rearrange the portions so that I'd have all the girls
And I'm changing up my hair so that I'd have all the curls

People watching people watching things waiting to happen
So instead of waiting, why don't you take things into action?
Man I don't fucking know, I don't fucking know
So imma end it right now, and walk right out the door


from eighteen., released November 22, 2016
Written, Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Luke Wieten




LUKA$ California

19 Year Old, self-producing, pop artist, LUKA$ (Luke Wieten) mixes today's most popular genres together to create his signature sound.

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