from by LUKA$



(Verse 1)

You got me to do it, and I don't wanna rely
But you're digging me deeper, i think i have to re- lie
You're mean on the surface, and even meaner inside
I want to break up but I can't 'cause you're holding me tied

The road is the place where I can break free
The trust that I had is lost between you and me
I'll break out when your eyes on the road
And I'll be the chairman of silver and gold

I am the conscience mind of my own
You take your business, I'm minding my own
I might be crazy but between you and I
She was the one who made out with that guy

(Verse 2)

I got a funny feeling deep inside
that this song conceptualize
music industry and all its means
Riding limousines in magazines
I do it, no reason
I do it, all season
Trapped words in my mind that I never said
Trapped songs in my life coming from my head
It's real
The scary thoughts that I have every night
Aren't thoughts at all, they're real life
A real fright
A real sight
I'm not depressed just lost
So deep in mind with these thoughts
I'm drowning in a way
So drag me towards the bay
The hometown
Never really something I doubted
Up until now
I dont know where I belong

Life's not bad when you're living at the top
Lookin' down at all the things you wanna cop
I went through struggles, hell and back
Just to get this mind of mine to stop
It's easy you say
To not go crazy
elementary really
But people get let down
When my mind isn't what they wanna see
ya know?
All these people and places
Material faces
Got me oh so mad confused
Obvlivious races
My mind a matrix
you can see why I'm confused


from eighteen., released November 22, 2016
Written, Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Luke Wieten




LUKA$ California

19 Year Old, self-producing, pop artist, LUKA$ (Luke Wieten) mixes today's most popular genres together to create his signature sound.

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