PCH (feat. BUSE)

from by LUKA$



(Verse 1) [BUSE]

I woke up early from a dream about you baby
And I've been feeling kind of down about it lately
And for a minute I was dying on the pavement
But I know you're gonna come around and save me

You're the only one I want
You're the only one I need
Got in the car, turned the key and hit the highway
That's all I need, and then I know I'll have a good day

"Start today"

(Chorus) [BUSE & LUKA$]

I'm driving down PCH
I'm loving you everyday
Come on now

You're the only one I want
You're the only one I need

I'm driving down PCH

(Verse 2) [LUKA$]

Let me tell you something 'bout the place I stay
It got 40 million yelp reviews saying that it's great
Talkin' tall boys and tacos and chilling in the sand
And the only way to end the day is blazing with the fam

Sayin' west coast, west coast, better than the rest coast
Aint no other place I'd be spending all my checks for
Driving down the 405 and cruisin' to the next road
Pulling down the top and fucking turning up the radio

You're the only one I need
Blonde sand and blue waves, a signature beach
I'm rocking low tops, and long shirts, and ripped up jeans
Feels like 85 but we keep 100 degrees, got my triple layer clothing and I wake up in the morning and I

"Start today"

(Outro) [BUSE & LUKA$]

You're my girl
And I love you
Every day


from eighteen., released November 22, 2016
Written and Recorded by Chance Famighetti and Luke Wieten

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Luke Wieten

Sample used:
A Little Bit Of Love by Brenda Russell




LUKA$ California

19 Year Old, self-producing, pop artist, LUKA$ (Luke Wieten) mixes today's most popular genres together to create his signature sound.

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