SATISFACTION (feat. rothworld)

from by LUKA$



(Verse 1)

Controlled by desire
Restrained by this fear
Living a liar
Designed thru self-inflicted tears

"Dont be so pretentious,
After even every sentence,
'cause you want to make a presence
Doesn't mean you have to mention
Your intentions are so senseless,
Attention span horrendous
Anti-depressants fence his
Broken common sense,
His lyrics are just guesses,
Aptitude of his life is
Just intensive
To make shit music"

But at least i'm making it
And I think of it this way
I write the pain on this paper
To make it go away

You think i'm fine
'Cause you see me from the surface
But if you looked a little closer
You'd realize how worthless

I seem to the others around me
I try to be someone that people don't see as me
But I guess it doesn't work, and I come off as a jerk
So I lay down, face first, just like an introvert

I don't cope with my problems
I rhyme when I'm sad
So I'd live in my dreams
They're the best I've ever had

But I didn't 'cause you tend to linger in my mind
Petrified by the way this all turned out
So I sit still and count the days left
This is why i'm such mess


No rules but you hear what they say
Pay attention to all the pain
'Cause i'm left outside in the rain
And I can't get my mind from your face
Brings me back to the carefree days
Of good times. Only just play
And I cant get my
Satisfaction (x7)
Yeah yeah
Satisfaction (x7)
Yeah yeah

(Piano solo) [rothworld]


from eighteen., released November 22, 2016
Recorded by Everett Roth and Luke Wieten

Written, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Luke Wieten




LUKA$ California

19 Year Old, self-producing, pop artist, LUKA$ (Luke Wieten) mixes today's most popular genres together to create his signature sound.

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